PRO-LIVE w/ Taylor Guitars

Offering some of the best products in the music industry, Taylor Guitars manufactures the most-used guitars worldwide. To keep their brand top-of-mind and introduce new products, Taylor Guitars continues to have one of the largest footprints at WINTER NAMM. We dive into how and they use PRO LIVE with Rowlbertos to expand digital reach to an audience who would otherwise miss out by not attending.

Behind The Scenes


With an attention to Hi-Definition streaming at the mercy of the Anaheim Convention Center’s network, we we’re tasked with maintaining optimal connectivity to record and stream live content in a broadcast-like format via Facebook’s Live social Platform.


    • PRO-LIVE Broadcast – Facebook
    • Performance LIVE Stream
    • 6-Person Crew
      • Producer
      • 3-Camera LIVE Broadcast
      • Audio Engineer
      • Production Assistant
    • Post Production


    • Maintain commercial production value while creating a broadcast feel that keep viewers visually stimulated.
    • Produce a LIVE broadcast between 3 cameras with the intent of repurposing each livestream as its own stand-alone piece of content.
    • Add value with additional deliverables and Behind-The-Scenes footage.


    • Increased engagement
    • Increased Web-Traffic during LIVE streams
    • FOMO
    • Client satisfaction – 4 consecutive years!


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774K Live Streams
650K Unique Views

“They streamlined everything from the moment they arrived until the last shot.” – Jay Parkin


A collaboration that turned into a partnership!

When the challenge is to create engaging content for CTV/OTT, we put our relationship on the line. “Weekend Vibes” continues to be the most sold beer from Coronado and this campaign had a lot to do. Take a look at how it came together and check out some extra cool content… “The Brewru”