X-Fest 2016!!

By Derek

A couple Sundays ago, 91X held their epic annual summer music festival, X-Fest, and luckily for you, your favorite neighborhood production dudes were there to document the whole thing!  Once again, X-Fest took place at Sleep Train Amphitheater down in Chula Vista, and once again, they had an excellent line-up for everyone to enjoy!  It included everything from local favorites, The Young Wild and The Frights; all the way up to headliners, The Offpsring and Cheap Trick, with plenty of talent in between.

We got down there early to get our badges, set up equipment, and get a lay of the land.   We had a LOT of shots we had to get, and only so much time to get them in.  Aside from getting footage (and pics) of all the bands performing, we also had to capture the artists doing interviews, signing autographs, hanging out with fans, etc.  We also had to get coverage of all the awesome sponsors and fans as well!  Needless to say, this was going to be a long day (totally awesome and epic, but long).

In order to grab all the shots needed, we split up and focused on different aspects of the festival.  Rowley mainly focused on getting pics and video of the band performances.  Rob and I went around focusing on the sponsors and fans, as well as grabbing video footage of the performances.  Henrique roamed throughout the grounds interviewing fans to get sound bites of their X-Fest experiences.  That was something new we did for the recap video, and I think it was a great addition.  Between all of us, we got everything we needed to not only make an awesome video, but truly provide an example of the X-Fest experience for those who weren’t able to witness it firsthand.

This was my second X-Fest working, and my third one overall.  I’d say this one was definitely my favorite.  91X knows how to put on a great show, and they didn’t disappoint.  I was truly amazed at the talent they assembled for one day of music.  We’re good friends with The Young Wild, so it’s always great seeing them perform, as well as Iration!  I was stoked I finally got to see bands like The Frights, Wolfmother, and Cheap Trick; but if I had to pick one absolute highlight of the day, it was finally getting to see The Offspring for the first time!  I grew up listening to these guys, and I honestly didn’t imagine I’d ever get to see them play in person.  These dudes rocked harder than guys half their age, putting on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and will no doubt, never forget.  I think everyone else who was there would agree with me, and everyone who wasn’t should click here and see what they missed out on!

The Frights Interview


Getting the crowd

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