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Well, Hell’s jingle bells, it’s that time of year again. We’re pulling out our fleece-lined hoodies this month as the temp drops to a frigid 65. If it gets any colder, we may have to chop the Black Friday garnered EKTORP sofa or KIVIK sectional into kindling and finallysee if that fireplace with the flatscreen mounted above it actually works. But until the brrricane hits, we’ll continue to warm ourselves in the heat of shooting great video and blue glow of our screens!

This year we’ve experienced record growth as a company and we’re eternally grateful to our clients, brand partners and rotating cast of supporters both on and off set. We couldn’t do this without you! 

As you know, we thrive on passionate storytelling. Whether it’s surf/burritos/snow/Sycuan for Carpe Diego:

Chilling poolside at The Lafayette:

Or helping partners like the SD Regional Economic Development Corporation (featured at the top) bring San Diego and Baja California companies high quality video content to expand their footprint outside of our little big city.

We’re now living in a world where consumers accessing the web from mobile devices have surpassed desktop users. Ensuring your website is both responsive and provides utility for your customers–or potential customers–is critical. Likewise, playing in the ‘attention economy’ means a large contingent of consumers who have migrated from the desktop to the devices in their pockets expect more from the brands and products they are interested in.

Notably, Sarah Perez of TechCrunch, writes, “Mobile was also driving the majority of retail sites visits on [Black] Friday at 56 percent, Adobe noted. Most of that (47%) was from smartphones as opposed to tablets (9%).

Crafting quality brand narratives is no easy task but the methods of measurement continue to improve. Jayson Demers writing for Forbes says, “…technology like attention metrics are starting to revolutionize how ad success and ad costs are calculated by measuring the qualitative experience of a user actually watching a video ad (rather than simply letting it play), and new ad opportunities are cropping up in new and old technologies alike.”

What does this mean for brands?

Better storytelling, more effective messaging and delivery of video content along with ways to measure your investment and granularly target a consumer in the purchase funnel with video catered to their needs is becoming easier and more effective.

Ultimately, this is what we’re here for. To help our friends do what they love so we can do what we love: Make great stories.

Happy Holidays from your amigos,


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