San Diego Beer…Best Week – It’s Like Imbibing On Pints Of Pride

By: Preston Roeschlein

San Diego ‘Beer’ Week is just two letter adjustments short of being San Diego ‘Best’ Week. Although as far as I’m concerned they might as well be interchangeable. We’ll stick with the former however, as to note what makes the latter so obvious.

And while being a decades-long resident of this Finest City might infer a bias on my proclivity for San Diego craft pints, an Australian buddy of mine offered an outside perspective as a first-time visitor to San Diego during our best time of year. Donnie and I worked in Australia tending bar together years ago. A couple years after that we spent months traveling around Europe getting bombed on European brews that have been getting notoriety for centuries. But to see a world-traveled-beer-lover like Donnie light up like a Christmas Tree on fire when he immersed himself in San Diego Beer Week, really got Rowlbertos Media thinking.

We’ve always been proud of San Diego beer, to be honest. While raising craft pints at Luigi’s, the crew and I are often forced to think about the Keystone Light we used to guzzle like garbage-disposals in college and how fortunate we are nowadays to live in the best beer city in the world. But what makes San Diego craft beer so special? I’ve seen Donnie drink hundreds of beers, but why did San Diego’s leave such an impression and garner a “Holy Shit, this is amazing!” after every taster he had?

Fortunate once again, Rowlbertos Media was earlier given the opportunity to take our cameras into San Diego Beer Week and really find out why the spirit of craft beer is so alive and thriving here.

Below is just one glimpse into a series of videos that illustrates how goddamned awesome our beer scene is:

Between the beer, the events, the interviews, the people, breweries, and pubs, San Diego Beer Week hit me like a bellyflop into a pool of pride. I love the shit out of this city! And so do its brewers and fellow beer drinkers. That love is laced in every pour, and for the craft itself. But what was even more apparent, was the passion, camaraderie, dedication to quality, and a sense of community here that excludes nobody! WE ARE A BEER CITY and craft beer here embraces everybody (over 21…) regardless of race, creed, gender, socioeconomic status, where you’re from, or where you are going. It brings San Diego and its visitors together for an experience not found in any other place.

It was incredible to see everybody this past week, including Donnie, working together, sharing time, beer, knowledge, and laughs. I think it speaks volumes to how welcoming we can be to each other and visitors. It makes me proud to be part of San Diego. It makes me proud to get to enjoy San Diego beer daily. And overall, it reminds me that when we are passionate, embrace our community, (in the words of Nate Soroko) “drink beer and don’t be a dick,” we all win.

Special Thanks To:

Paige McWey, San Diego Brewers Guild, Colby Chandler, Paul Segura, Scot Blair, Douglas Constantiner, Denise Ratfield, Laura Ulrich, Phil Cutti, Frances Michelle Lopez, Pink Boots Society.

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