Hangin’ with Iration

By: Derek

A couple weeks ago, Iration played at the Del Mar Racetrack for Bing Crosby season, and we were lucky enough to spend some time with the band before the show.  We pulled in to the racetrack a little before 1 and got all situated, stashing equipment and grabbing our backstage passes (which turned out to be sweet Point Break posters that said Iration!).  Some of the bandmembers were in the middle of a little interview with our friends at 91X, so we went ahead and grabbed a little footage of that.  While Rob and Rowley already knew the band, I got to meet them for the first time, which was pretty awesome.  They’re all very cool dudes!  I got to check out a little bit of the tour bus too (another first)!

Afterwards, we followed the band over to a little sidestage near the track where the Micahs played a little accoustic set for some of the more diehard fans.  They played a good handful of their hits, which the fans definitely enjoyed.  The excitement on their faces was priceless!  After the set, the guys did another interview with 91X, only this time, it was on air in the 91X tent.  This led to a little break, which for us, meant grabbing some always delicious Carnitas Snack Shack Tacos (obviously), and a couple Sculpins to wash them all down (obviously).  It should come as no surprise by now that we really love our tacos and beer…

Following our little lunch break, we decided to run around the track (not literally), and grab some B roll footage of all the festivities, which included the horses rounding the track, as well as everyone out and about.  We ran into Adam (the bassist), during our wanderings and decided to tag along for a little bit.  It turns out they won on some of the horse bets, so of course we had to get some footage of them collecting their winnings!

Before we knew it, the sun was setting, and it was time for the big show.  We downed one more quick beer, and then got set up in the photo pit.  Rowley even got some footage of a firefighter proposing to his girlfriend before the guys got on stage, so that was pretty awesome!  After that, I got set up with a camera too, and the band finally went on.  This was my first time seeing Iration live, and I was not disappointed!  These guys rocked the racetrack!  Their energy was contagious, as clearly evidenced by the cheers from the crowd.  They played an awesome set, which even included a couple sweet covers of Bob Marley‘s “Is This Love“, and Tom Petty‘s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance“.

After the show, we said our goodbyes to the band and grabbed the rest of our gear.  It was a long afternoon, but we had a ton of fun hanging out with Iration and grabbing some sweet footage!  This was actually my first time shooting video in the photo pit, so it’s an experience I won’t forget anytime soon.  I’m not as experienced as the other guys with this, and I clearly have a lot to learn, but I definitely got some good footage too!  The key is to just keep getting better over time.

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