Carpe Diego!

By: Derek

A couple weeks ago, the Rowlbertos crew set out on one our most ambitious projects to date, Carpe Diego!  What is Carpe Diego you ask??  Well, a while back, we were throwing around ideas and we talked about how people have always said that one of the unique things about living in San Diego is that you can surf and snowboard in the same day.  So we figured, hey, let’s do that; and film it of course!  We planned out an epic day that would include surfing, snowboarding, and gambling at Sycuan Casino and decided to call it Carpe Diego!

This day started with a very early call time of 5 am.  That’s earlier than I go to work!  We met up at Rowlbertos HQ at 5, and loaded up all our gear before heading to our first location of the day,Tourmaline Surf Park in Pacific Beach.  We arrived at 6 am, and started getting all our equipment set up.  We even set up a GoPro to catch a timelapse of us doing so.  The surfers got their wetsuits on and grabbed their boards. It was obviously very cold at the beach at 6 in the morning, but it was also gorgeous, so that made up for it.  I should mention that the water was actually surprisingly nice for the time of day.  (I didn’t go surfing, I merely put my feet in the water.  I have a deep crippling fear of the ocean.  Let’s just say Jaws had a very big effect on me when I was a kid).  Anyways, the guys who did surf attached GoPros to their boards, while we had our new C100 set up on the beach, Rowley took the drone out for a spin, and got some awesome aerial footage!  Eventually, we got the dudes out the water and packed up the cars.  It was time for coffee and burritos!

After surfing, we made a quick stop at Pacific Bean to grab some coffees and get some interview footage before heading to Taco Surf for some much needed burritos.  I’ll just say that both the coffee and burritos were delicious.  I’ve never been much of a coffee person, but this was damn good coffee.  I’m definitely a burrito person, and these were damn good burritos!  I highly recommend both.

With our bellies full, we set out for our next destination, Mountain High Resort!  After a few pit stops, we made it to the resort and got ready for some snowboarding!  It took a little while to get situated, considering there was a bunch of us that had to get lift tickets, gear rentals, as well as multiple bathrooms trips, but eventually, we made it up the mountain!  Now, this was my first time snowboarding in about 5 years, and only my second time ever, so needless to say, I was a little nervous.  However, on my first snowboarding encounter, my friends did say that I was one of the best beginners they’d ever seen, so I had that going for me.  I ended up making a few runs down the slopes that day, and I didn’t do half bad.  I only fell a few times, and only one of those falls was somewhat intense.  Unfortunately, I did not have a camera on me during any of these runs, so you don’t get to see any of it firsthand.  Some of the other dudes did have cameras, however, so you’ll get to see how they did (Preston wiped out pretty good!).  You all should just go ahead and assume that aside from a couple tumbles, I was like Shaun White shredding down that mountain…  We eventually met up back up by the cars and packed up again.  It was after 4 pm, and we had to get moving if we wanted to make it to Sycuan in time!

Unfortunately, we ran into a little Friday rush hour traffic, so it took a little longer to get to the casino than we had planned.  Eventually, we made it to the casino and had to move fast. This involved a quick wardrobe change in the parking garage.  Snowboard clothes aren’t exactly the best attire for a casino, and we wanted to look good!  A very nice employee named Jennifer met us near the entrance and escorted us to the GameDay Sports Bar, Sycuan’s cool new party pit section of the casino.  Once there, we got some great footage of Rob and Henrique hanging out at the blackjack tables.  After a little bit of that, we decided to call it a wrap on the shoot and get some food!  We got dinner in the party pit, and decided to do a little more gambling.  Now, usually when I gamble, which isn’t too often, I end up winning or losing just a little bit, either way, I come out about even to where I started.  This was not the case.  I lost….bad.  Actually, we all kinda lost.  Well, everyone except Henrique.  That guy has crazy luck!  The dude was hitting on 16 and 17 and not busting!  I couldn’t believe it!!!

Anyways, it started getting late, and we were getting tired.  It had been a very long day, but a good one!  We basically packed three epic days into one, and it was a success!  We got a ton of great footage and it’s going to turn out to be an epic video.  I can’t wait to see it.  Also, we all agreed that this needs to become a tradition, so make sure you get the day off work next year and join us for the next Carpe Diego! You can follow more of our journey on Instagram by searching the hashtag #CarpeDiego








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