A Red Trolley Show with The Fratellis!

By: Derek

In case you guys haven’t noticed, we’ve been releasing a lot of new A Red Trolley Show episodes this past year.  Some of them have been bands that you might not have heard of, while others have been from those you have.  While I’ve enjoyed every one of these videos that I’ve been a part of, I honesty hadn’t heard of most of these guys until I met them.  This is why I was so excited to find out that we were doing A Red Trolley Show with The Fratellis, a band that I had not only heard of, but listened to quite frequently.  Songs like “Henrietta” and “Chelsea Dagger”helped make up the soundtrack to my college years.

A couple months ago, we met up with Jon Fratelli at the 5th Ave Trolley Station right next to theHouse of Blues, where The Fratellis were headlining later that night.  Admittedly, I was a little bummed to learn we weren’t making this video with all three members of the band, but oh well.  I was still pretty excited to meet Jon and do a project together.  Anyways, I miced him up, we got him a guitar, and we hopped on the trolley.  Despite having a little cold, Jon was a good sport and played for us, which was pretty awesome!  We only had time for one song, so we only had to go a few stops before getting off and catching another trolley back to towards the House of Blues.

It was pretty cool talking to Jon and hearing him talk about how touring has changed over the years, most notably pointing out how he and the rest of the band don’t quite have the same energy for staying out and partying when compared to the younger band on tour with them.  Having a family also contributes to this of course.  I’m sure they could still rage harder than all of us.  They are still rockstars, you know!  I had a blast getting to work with a musician that I have enjoyed listeing to over the years, and I think we made a very cool video with Jon that you can check out right here!

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