Routine Killing Your Fun?


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By Preston

It’s easy to get stuck in the product and the process. It’s easy to get numb in the numbers. It’s easy to alliterate like an A-hole… Whoops!

Point is, routines can become comfortable, and being too comfortable can be a game killer. As technology continues to evolve, so does our means of storytelling. New cameras, better software, improved audio equipment, etc. are the obvious changes that come with tech progress, but how does our approach to grow the brands we believe in change with that?

The other day, we came across an article, Are Shorts The Future Of Commercials? It had a lot to say about the continually fading line between entertainment and branding. As Rob and I chatted about it (and are about to create our own short this weekend for the 48 Hour Film Project), we considered how we could implement these new approaches into what we do for some of our favorite brands.

Would it be different? Very. Would it be a challenge? Yes. Would we crush it? Eff, yeah! But most importantly, it would force us to switch up our routines and continue to grow and expand how we connect people and brands. And that is something we are stoked as hell on.

So keep an eye out as we expand into some new territory, and if you’re ready to break your routine and grow, you know where to find us!

BTW! Check out the video below, Putting A Face On Cancer. It’s a short documentary on the charitable deeds of our partner Keller Williams! Also kind of a tear jerker in the best way possible. Much love!

Red Day Video

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