Experience, The Best Teacher

By: Preston Roeschlein

Experience, the best teacher…”
Gangstarr – Above The Clouds

In 1998, I heard Guru (which ironically enough means Teacher, Guide, or Master in Sanskrit) from Gangstarr spit those words out of my headphones and straight into my ear holes. Seventeen years later, I can assume that there have been well over thousands of instances when I’ve thought about those lyrics in relation to something I had just learned from experience. Sometimes the lessons were fun and easy. Sometimes they were harsh and rigorous. Like the one time I learned that drinking tons of tap water in Mexico in spite of my parents’ warnings won’t ever end well for me or my guts. Either way, nearly every lesson I’ve learned has left me a bit more humble, a bit more confident, a bit more capable, and a bit more knowledgable. Overall however, I’ve learned that learning never ever stops, and that constantly pushing myself into new areas and experiences will continually teach me lessons for improvement and growth.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Hillcrest Academy, in Temecula. To summarize, the Hillcrest Academy curriculum focuses heavily on the power of hands-on/experiential learning. The faculty is composed of incredibly bright guides who light the way for the students to uncover the answers and learn the lessons themselves. From interactive science and math classes to Field Studies that immerse the students in cultures and experiences around California, the U.S., and even into Europe, the driving force is one that parallels that mantra of Guru, Experience is always the best teacher.

During the shoot, Rob and I couldn’t help but think of how much we’ve subconsciously embraced the routine of practice, experimentation, and new experiences as part of our company culture in our off time. Whether it’s a new camera that we’re set to master, a new technique we’re looking to nail down, or some new, cinematic concept that we’ve dreamed up within the company, we are never afraid to try, and try again to continue to expand and perfect out skill sets.

I suppose that’s also the beauty of getting to work with your best friends who love film as much as you do. Even when we’re not writing, shooting, or editing for a designated project, we always have our camera gear close, and ideas that are constantly being put out. Sometimes it’s 5AM after a Wonderlands, A Red Trolley Show with Jon Foreman, and we figure we might as well time-lapse the sunrise. It certainly wasn’t our first time-lapse, and definitely won’t be our last because although we know that we can make them look stellar, we also know that every experience has a lesson that leads to growth.

Oh yeah, here’s the time-lapse below:

Special thanks to the students and faculty at Hillcrest who made us feel so welcome!!!

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