Do you even SDCC, Bro?

By: Jen

There are many reasons to love San Diego in the summertime, the beaches, the pool parties, the beer festivals, but there’s one event that holds reign supreme above all else, and if you live here in America’s finest city, you can probably make an educated guess on what that is. Yup, I’m talking about Comic-Con.

Convention Center, Downtown San Diego

Photo: Jen

This four-day event brings over 34 million visitors to downtown San Diego annually and with that many people in the city, it’s hard not to get caught up in the geeky chaos. After reading through a number of “People you’ll see at Comic Con” articles, I thought I’d make a special tribute to a certain type of attendee that rarely makes the list. The ones who spend the same amount of money on a badge and an equal amount of time costuming. The guys who are not afraid to fuel their inner nerd while still allowing time for a gym run. Comic-Con bros, I’m looking at you! I’m hear to tell you that your efforts do not go unnoticed and you too, deserve to be celebrated. So here it is, my top 10 favorite SDCC bros of 2017!  

1. This King Leonidas – “300? That’s what I dead lift, brah”

King Leonidas Cosplay Costume, SDCC 2017

2. This couple – Fighting for truth and justice and the Bromerican way. 

SDCC 2017

3. This drink slingin’ bro saving the day with delicious beverages. (Pendry Hotel)

Pendry Hotel San Diego SDCC

4. This Red Hood’s “Suns Out Guns Out” Pose.

Red Hood SDCC 2017

5. This dude with all his fun SDCC swag.

Swag SDCC2017

6. This “Welcome to the Broladdin gun show” Bro.Aladdin SDCC 2017

7. Broverine!!!

wolverine SDCC 2107

8. This bro who was really only here for the people watching and day drinking. 

Moe SDCC 2017

9. These Disney Bros who also like Star Wars.

Star Wars Fans SDCC 2017

10. And last but not least, Spidey and his best bro.

Spiderman and friend SDCC 2017

Thanks to everyone who participated in the photos series, you’re all awesome and I can’t wait to see you again next year! Later Brah!

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