A Red Trolley Show with Rebecca Jade and The Cold Fact

By: Derek

It’s time for a new A Red Trolley Show, which means it’s time for another blog!!!  The same day we filmed the Birdy Bardot Trolley Show, we also filmed one with another Redwoods band, Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact (which also included Birdy for this song).  For this episode, we met up at the Old Town Transit Center, and slowly waited for everyone to arrive.  FYI, “everyone” means a lot of people!  This was easily one of our craziest Trolley Shows yet!  This band is huge, and they brought some huge instruments with them, as you can see in the pics…and video.  We also had a lot of friends join us on this one, so yeah, crazy packed trolley.

After, a few stops, we were able to get everyone and everything situated, and basically took a good half of the trolley car.  Then, things got jamming!  Birdy did her set, and then we got everyone partook in Rebecca’s segment, featuring their hit song, Gonna Be Alright (which we also shot the music video for!).  I’ve heard this song many, many times by now, but no matter what, it’s still fun as hell, and this time was not exception!

I love making these videos, but the ones with huge bands are definitely my favorite, especially when we get friends and fans to join us!  It’s always a pleasure working with The Redwoods artists as well.  I’ve been to a couple of their revues around town, and I highly recommend checking one out if you get a chance.  You are guaranteed to have fun!  Now, click here to enjoy the newest episode of A Red Trolley Show!!

Prepping for A Red Trolley Show

Geared up

Waiting for the trolley


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